Nandomo Listening

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Nandomo Listening is a listening learning app that uses the speaking function of the device.

Speaking scenario

The feature of Nandemo Listening is that you can set various speaking methods (speaking scenarios).
So you can practice listening repeatedly without getting bored.

For example, scenarios

  • speak at normal speed, then slow, and finally fast
  • speak the voice, first with Smantha’s, then with Tom’s, and finally with Ava’s
  • speak English first in American English and then in British English

can be set.

Language and region

Many languages ​​supported by the device can be used for listening learning with Nandemo Listening.
In other words, not only English, but also Japanese, German, French, and various languages ​​from around the world are included.

And with Nandemo Listening, you can practice listening by speaking each region even in the same language.
For example, in English, there are American English, British English, Australian English, etc.


The speaking quality depends on the quality of your device’s speaking capabilities.
The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.
Select speaking scenarios require in-app purchase product purchase.

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